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Design Your Dream VW Campervan

Design every element of your brand new T6.1 VW campervan with our industry leading configurator.  

Without doubt the best and yet hardest part of deciding to buy a brand new campervan is the sheer vastness of choice. Do you want muted tones throughout? A single splash of colour? Or something that shouts ‘I’m me and this is my campervan’ complete with yellows, greens, purples and reds? 

Well, we’ve sat with enough customers over the years to know that while choosing every detail of your new campervan is a ‘nice problem to have’ it can actually be a bit stressful. Afterall, you’re spending real money and making colour and spec’ choices you will have to live with for a long time.

At Jack’s Shack, we want you to enjoy spending your money and not feel stressed, so we have created this tool to help you make those crucial colour decisions. 

Grab a glass of something cold, muck about with designs, print and save any creations you like and generally have a good time! If you find exactly what you’re looking for, you can click for a quote on your exact specification. 

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